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This collection of handwoven textiles represents the continuation of one of the most traditional art forms in Africa. Featuring geometric patterns that carry cultural significance, each kind of textile serves a purpose. The bold colors and complex patterns of Kente Cloth identifies a person's family and social rank. Kuba Cloth is woven in seeming random patterns to be worn during special ceremonies and by village elders. Soft and beautiful Mud Cloth is steeped in family history because the meanings of symbols and designs is passed from mother to daughter.

Today the irregular shapes and lush textures of these hand woven textiles adds a richness and warmth to home décor. They can be displayed as wall hangings, framed, used as table cloths or runners, couch or bed throws, or even repurposed into pillows or upholstery.

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Kente Cloth


Mud Cloth

Shoowa Mats

Kuba Shoowa Mat - 21.25 Inches Wide x 27 Inches Tall - #59413
Kuba Shoowa Mat
21.25" x 27"
Kuba Shoowa Mat - 25 Inches Wide x 27.5 Inches Tall - #59381
Kuba Shoowa Mat
25" x 27.5"

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