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   June 2020 - Thank you all for your support ... we have consolidated our websites back into one: Baskets of Africa
   Baskets of Africa now features all of the products that used to be here.
   Thank you so much for bearing with us!


Welcome! The products offered on African Allure reflect the fascination, draw, and enchantment of Africa. The vast geography, wildlife, history, culture, crafts, and art all combine to create this mystique. Whether you've experienced this attraction first hand through travel, or have yet to discover it, please enjoy a glimpse of African Allure.

Our unique offering of handmade Fair Trade African art, crafts, jewelry, and home decor has been brought together from throughout the continent. This collection represents the richness that comes from the land, the people, and the culture present throughout Africa - featuring hand carved Shona stone sculpture, sterling silver jewelry, woven textiles, traditional Ndebele beadwork, ceremonial wooden masks, Zulu pottery, and more.

African Allure is a Fair Trade Federation Member

African Allure is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, ensuring that all handcrafted items are produced and paid for in a way that puts the maker's needs at the heart of the process. Textiles, Jewelry, Shona Sculpture, African Masks, and more are all uniquely created for you by talented craftspeople and artists in Africa.


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